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What Is This Site

This site is JUST books read aloud by normal (but enthusiastic) readers.

Book Organization

Being Used by Schools

It's great fun to see schools adding the site to their resource pages. Some of the Schools/Libraries/Foundations I know of referring parents:

  • Utah State Library (UT) -
  • American Foundation for The Blind -
  • Horicon Elementary (WI) -
  • iDevice Blog -
  • Oregon Elementary (OR)
  • Impler Elementary (OR)
  • Willard Elementary (MO)
  • Topeka Public Schools (KS)
  • Wake County Public Schools(NC)
  • New Hampshire Elementary (NH)
  • DueWest Elementary (GA)
  • Echo School District (OR)
  • Kirksville Public Schools (MO)
  • Moorpark Unified School District (CA)
  • Lincoln Elementary School Moodle (AL)
  • Denton Independent School District (TX)
  • International School (Russia)
  • Lexington Elementary (KY) -
World Viewership
International Audience

Technical Note

I tested this site on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, an iPad and an iPhone. The images sometimes get skewed on the mobile devices which goes away on the second loading of the page. When on a traditional computer, Internet Explorer or Firefox seem to work best. The chrome viewer continues to distort the images.

Youtube's Subtitles Feature

Youtube has a feature to turn subtitles on for the videos. This is a youtube software algorithm and is not recommended for the site as the interpretations of the narrators is completely in the hands of this highly error prone algorithm. This site is an excellent way to increase exposure to a wide variety of books. It works to increase reading comprehension, to increase vocabulary exposure, to improve next word anticipation skills which are all such important elements in improved reading skills. However, it is not intended to be used to have children read along the erroneous subtitles.


My children LOVE to be read to but I don't always have time to do it. iPad apps irritated me in that they continually make reading about buying another substandard book. Reading internet sites are difficult to navigate for my little ones and seem more full of games and animation than just books. I want to instill a love of reading books - not a love of watching pseudo television and online shopping. So I compiled this group of videos to appease my voracious "readers". I hope your little ones enjoy.

For The Visually Impaired

Then I was contacted by a visually impaired mother who wanted to use this with her son. We worked together to make it compatible with the JAWS screen reader. The site can be completely navigated with a tab and enter key. All images are text tagged. There are stand alone text hyperlinks for JAWS compatibility. All images are also hyperlinked for 2-year old steerability. Please contact me if there are other adjustments that I can make to tailor to other disabilities.

Amazon Affiliation (coming soon)

I have received multiple requests for easy links to buy the books the children have heard on the site for family home libraries. As we all know, there is no replacing holding a book in your own hands and hearing a familiar voice read it. As such, I've added hopefully a discrete yet convenient link on the side to make it easy to find the book and purchase. This makes JustBooksReadAloud a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Proceeds will help support and promote children's literacy efforts.

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